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This directory contains stuff related to the linux porting 
effort on the HTC BlueAngel Device.

I create these images with oe (openembedded), see the #htc-linux 
irc channel for more info about HTC based phones and their linux 
porting state. (e.g. at http://irclog.iclem/net/?chan=htc-linux )

you will find tar archives which can be booted using HaRet 
after extracting to a second partition of a SD card.

Detailed HOWTO:

EDITED: currently semms to be down for several months, please
        try meanwhile this snapshot

There is currently no way (and it would be far too dangerous) 
to install these images directly, they are used from SD card 
without touching the ROM.

The latest image is

After untarring this to a sdcard (see HOWTO above) unpack 

on top of it to get some latest changes.

Please also consider the default.txt file in the main directory 
and put it on the sdcard as described in the above mentioned Howto.

My kernel patches have been moved into an extra subdirectory


If you want to update your kernel without overwriting your sdcard from scratch, 
you can use my /etc/ipkg/alge*feed.conf files (in gpe-alge.tar) and the script

The reason, that a simple "ipkg upgrade" not works, is that I dont 
increase the package release numbers of the kernel ipkgs, so you have 
to "ipkg install -force-reinstall" the appropriate packages. 
This is what that script does.

After running it, copy /boot/zImage-*.bin to /media/card/linux/zImage.bin 
(provided your sdcard is mounted there and you keep your HARet + kernel 
in a subdirectory ./linux on it).