Ubuntu Dapper 6.06 Kernel module package for Ralink RT73 based USB WLAN adapters (e.g. LinkSys WUSB54GC)


Here you can find the following files for Ubuntu Dapper 6.06 LTS:


If you want to build a module package for your locally installed kernel follow these steps:

In case you intend to build the module for another than your installed kernel replace the $(uname -r) snippets above with the desired kernel version (e.g. 2.6.15-27-k7).


If you now plug your WUSB54GC in, you will get a rausb0 device which you may configure with iwconfig and ifconfig.

Please note that you dont need any alias entries in /etc/modprobe.conf with this package, automatic module loading is provided through the udev script /etc/udev/rules.d/50-ralink-rt73.rules contained in ralink-rt73_1.0.3.6_all.deb.


If you are interested in rebuilding the module source package get

and extract it with

	dpkg-source -x ralink-rt73_1.0.3.6.dsc

You can then examine its contents in the subdirectory ralink-rt73- It contains the upstream source, two patches (one adds the device ID of the LinkSys WUSB24GC, the other makes the Makefiles usable for m-a) and the Debian specific build stuff.

Rebuilding can be done via


in the ralink-rt73- directory, provided you have installed the debuild package and co (e.g. fakeroot).

This may be necessary if a new upstream version of the driver becomes available, the only thing to do is then to download it into the upstream directory and change the variable UPSTREAM in debian/rules to the new upstream package name.


This is a Debian style repackaging of the OpenSource RT73 driver available at

The Debian specific stuff follows ideas stolen from the rt2500 Debian package by Aurelien Jarno (aurel32 at debian.org)

Albrecht Gebhardt

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